September 28th lesson

Dear students,
Welcome back to Chris Elvin's public blog for Shirayuri digital presentation students. You should bookmark this page and read it before class.

Today, you will make a presentation about your summer vacation in small groups.

You should continue to post your files to the private blog, as this is partly how you will be assessed. The email address to post your files to is chriselvin1.(secret word) If you don't know or have forgotten the secret word, please ask me or a classmate who knows.

If you would like to view the private blog, the URL addresses are:  for Monday period 1 (8:50am)
and for Monday period 2 (10:30am).
These private blogs are password protected for your privacy. In order to view them, you should log into the Google gmail account that you use for class, and type in your password. Please keep a record of your gmail address and password in a safe place so that logging in will be easy.

Kind regards,
Chris Elvin