July 17th and 24th

Dear students,
Today is your final presentation, which is worth twenty points. The order of the presenters will be randomized, so you should all be ready on the 17th regardless of whether or not you will be asked to speak. Your presentation should last at least five minues, and after you have presented, please upload your digital presentation to the private blog.

Some of you still haven't posted your self-introduction or interview videos from the beginning of the semester. You should either post off your video file as an attachment using the email you have on your course outline print, or log into the private blog and publish your video as a new post.

You should come to class with a back-up of your digital presentation file in case your first file gets lost or corrupted somehow. For example, if your Google drive does not open properly, you should try to open your back-up file on your USB stick.

Kind regards,
Chris Elvin